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Dental Implants in Brooklyn Park

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Don’t let that gappy smile affect your confidence! At the Carepoint Dental Clinic, we help to craft the perfect smiles and improve your ability to eat the food you’ve always wanted to.

What is Dental Implant?


Implant dentistry is a modern procedure to replace one or more teeth. Through the procedure, we’ll place titanium posts on your jawbone. We’ll then mount artificial tooth/teeth on the post to give it a natural appearance.

Who is Eligible for an Implant?


Patients who are looking to replace lost/broken teeth are perfect candidates for the procedure. Call us for dental implants in Brooklyn Park if you have healthy gums and enough bones.

Why Us?


Our dentist in Brooklyn Park MN uses premium quality components and advanced technology. Over the years, hundreds of patients have placed their faith in us- and we’ve never ever failed them! Here’s why we’re the number one for dental implants in Brooklyn Park MN.

    We offer customized service:


    Our dentist in Brooklyn Center MN offers dental implants to implants with bridges, and implants supported with permanent bridges, which gives a long lasting result.

    Our dental office is patient focused:


    At the Carepoint Dental Clinic, Dr. Salad and his team offer personalized support. We approach is patient focused and not focused on monetary or insurance focused. Visit us at our Brooklyn Park Dental Clinic to experience our personal attention and care.

    We don’t cut corners:


    Dental implants aren’t cheap. But we ensure that you get the best service that money can offer. Our dentist in Brooklyn Park MN office use only the best implants in the industry and stay away from the generic ones.

    How Does Dental Implant Help?


    Dental Implants Help Improve Your Smile:


    Thanks to dental implants you don’t have to cover up your mouth before smiling. You don’t have to live with embarrassing teeth that are either broken or crooked. We’ll restore your smile.

    Dental Implants Are Long Lasting:


    When compared to other solutions like dentures and bridges, dental implants last long. They do not depend on the adjacent healthy teeth. They don’t cause decay or weaken the adjoining teeth, or interfere with bite. And neither do they cause problems to the tissues adjoining the teeth. With a little care, your implants can last your lifetime.

    Dental Implants Give Your Teeth A Natural Appearance:


    Unlike removable dentures or bridges, you don’t have to worry about an unnatural smile or discomfort while speaking.

    Contact us for a free consultation and appointment for dental implant in our Brooklyn Park dental office.